Yellow ant salt – Specialty strangers from lands of Kon Tum

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Ant eggs may be processed into a variety of dishes depending on the tastes of each region.The province has made egg salad sauteed nine gold is mixed with cucumber, peppers, grapefruit and male calyx of sliced ​​jackfruit.
Cu Chi people are brought ant egg salad mix papaya, pomelo salad or sour soup served with steamed rice leaf stretch. In the Highlands, the ethnic minorities have tomato soup drive ants. How to cook a fairly simple, the original drive is yellow fish soup is boiling jam ục stream, in stomach acid is mixed with water to make a sour soup perfect for spring fish soup …

Is present everywhere, but tiny animals with high nutrient content, 42-67% protein and 28 amino acids, in addition it also has many vitamins and minerals. Ming Dynasty in China, it is used for the preparation of coated tablets as a tonic force today.

Yellow ants are specialized predators of insects on tree foliage high in natural forests and in orchards. The presence of the gold is of great help to farmers. Orchard with fruit is yellow will give juicy, wrong, succulent and less than vermin. Yellow ant called science is Oecophylla smaragdina – is a beneficial predators to plants.

Like other species of ants, the ants are very hard and very painful … burning. The most difficult stage to perform salt dish is … .. catch ants is. To get the nests filled with ants and ant eggs, experienced workers have to carefully go into the woods to find and catch nests. After the catch is, followed by roasting stage is preliminary and all the ants on a hot pan eggs and remove the rubbish and dirt (if any), which are processed so many delicious dishes typical of each region.

What’s dot dishes are also very unique fellow. The gourmet and picky the house always has a bottle of salt is from Gia Rai area Ayun Pa and Krong Pa. That’s the kind of forest is quite loud, and then retire with leaves caught in some kind of leaf é and again, so that meat put into something wonderful. I pour them that this is an initiative of hungry people in the salt. In those days people still take ash burning reeds for salting food. I once heard him tell stories Hiding his village for months eating ash and later he wrote the novel Nguyen Ngoc “The country stands up”. Dotted with ash boiled bamboo shoots eaten whole month had saved his village through the bat population to continue resistance. Actually it is not indifferent to the chat, chat still is not close to the more savory tart. Behind this is just a little of this kind is even slightly salty and sour, solves both salt and lemon.

Later when people retire may have to add some salt. My house or store this dish, dot wonderful barbecue. When users add a little chili rolls since then … well again or must go into the kitchen now. The region has dried meat is also toxic. It is drying the foundation, and then kept in the freezer or hung on the kitchen platform. When grilled over charcoal or alcohol eat then ripped out, the meat fibers are soft and sweet red and dry XEU not like other ordinary dry meat. Inherently it is venison, but later all deer then it moved through the beef. Now this dish is still the specialty of the region can not forget Krong Pa. This meat dish dotted with salt above the instructor Oh, jewels that spending, but spending the wealth and pleasures of that expenditure if not enjoy it …

Salt flavor is distinctive extremely exotic and attractive. Hot summer noon, eat a bowl of vegetable soup with a little more salt remnants collective ants have weird taste is sour, salty and spicy chili sniffed then what’s fair. Besides gold salt is also a friend of the green toad, mango live, fresh guava ……… Salt is also eaten with hot rice, boiled meat, grilled meat and tasty ……… especially beef, served with a sunny two dew .

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