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Geographical location Kon Tum province in the region limited geographical coordinates from 107020’15 “to 108032’30” east longitude and from 13055’10 “to 15027’15” north latitude.
Kon Tum province bordering northern Quang Nam with length 142 km boundary, south Gia Lai with length 203 km boundary, east by Quang Ngai with a length of 74 km long boundary, the West has a long border 142 km Attapeu province of the People’s Democratic Republic of Laos and Ratanakiri 95 km border with Cambodia.

Kon Tum topography mostly hilly, about 2 out of 5 the area of ​​the province, including instant hilly strip 150 upwards slope. Instant alpine terrain strip distributed mainly in the north – northwest fled to the eastern province of Kon Tum, diversified with hills, mountains, plateaus and low-lying areas are complex interleaved, creating scenery rich, diverse medium with specific characteristics of the sub-region, is both interlaced and integration, Kon Tum has an average elevation of 500 meters to 700 meters north separately from the 800-meter altitude to 1,200 meters, special Ngoc Linh particular has the highest peak with 2,596 meters altitude.

Kon Tum climate climate traits the monsoon tropics of South Vietnam, the nature of highland climate. Kon Tum climate divided into two distinct seasons: rainy and dry seasons. In it, the rainy season usually starts from April to November, dry season from December to March next year. The annual average rainfall of about 2,121 mm annual rainfall is 2,260 mm high, 1,234 mm in the lowest, highest rainfall month is May 8. The dry season, primarily wind northeast direction, but the rainy season , primarily wind southwest. The average annual temperature ranges between 22 – 230C, temperature oscillation amplitude of day 8 – 90C.

Kon Tum is located in Kon Tum uplift, so very diverse geological structure and minerals. On areas with 21 stratigraphic units and 19 complex magma were geologists research establishment, numerous types of minerals such as iron, chromium, gold, refractory materials, gemstone, semiprecious , radioactive metals, rare earths, raw materials for production of building materials, … has been detected.

Kontum forest mostly primary forest has many precious wood like Cam lai, isotropic, po mu, Kon Tum province has more than 300 plant species, belonging to 180 genera and 75 families than flowering plants. Animals here are also very rich and diverse, including many rare species, including 165 species of birds, 40 families, 13 orders, enough most of the birds. 88 mammal species, 26 families, 10 orders, 88% of mammals in the Central Highlands. Besides the animals, Kon Tum has many kinds of birds you should be protected as the ocellata, pheasants and pheasant feathers mottled purple.

According to the survey results April 1, 1999, 316 600 people in Kon Tum. The province has 25 ethnic groups, of which the largest are Kinh people account for 46.36% with 145 681. These minorities include ethnic tow with 78,741 people, accounting for 25.05%. ethnic Ba Na has 37,519 people, accounting for 11.94%. Gie Triêng nation with 25,463 people, accounting for 8.1%. Gia Rai ethnic groups have 15 887 people, accounting for 5.05%. other ethnic groups account for 3.5%.

As of 2011, the total population of nearly 453 200 Kon Tum people, population density is 47 people / km².Trong which live in the urban population of nearly 156,400 people, the population live in rural areas reached 296 800 people. Male population reached 237 100 people, while 216 100 persons females reach. The rate of natural increase of population by province and 18.6 ‰.

According to the General Statistics Office of Vietnam, as of April 1, 2009, Kontum province has 42 ethnic groups and foreigners live. Among them there are 201 153 people Kinh, Xo Dang has 104 759 people, with 53 997 people who Ba Na, Gie Triêng He has 31 644 people, with 20 606 people who Gia Rai, the Muong have 5386 people, Thais have 4249 people, The Tay has 2,630, and the other ethnic minorities as Nung, Hre, Brau, Ro Mam, …

As of April 1, 2009, Continental Kon Tum province has 5 different religion occupies 173 593 people. Of these, most are Catholics have 134 312 people, 25 012 people Buddhism, Good News has 13,736 people, along with others like the Cao Dai religion have 499 people, 15 people Bahá’í Dao, Dao Tu An Hieu Nghia 4 who, finally, Muslims only 1 person.

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