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Dak Bla river seems to flow backward bending beneath majestic Mount Ngoc Linh has nurtured – which provides endless material resources for leaf salad Kon Tum.

In Kon Tum mountain town is a specialized business streets leaf salad serving local customers as well as four visitors. As the name implies, this dish is composed mainly of leaves, wild vegetables.

More than 30 types of salad leaves forest leaf Kon Tum

“I eat vegetables, pain medication,” believed to salad leaves appear from the hungry, had to eat wild vegetables instead of rice. That may be correct, but there is a culinary art that people always know how to bring creativity to life the delicious food. Leaf salad is a testament to the creativity that.
Called “properly prepared” record on the number of vegetables: up to 40, 50 categories. From the familiar categories as wealth, perilla, onions, basil, lettuce fish, vegetables dream … to all kinds of leaves in the garden as nails lentils, figs, mango, guava, cluster intestine, whole household packaging, beam covers, guise leaves, crab, mother earth, heaven improvement, wrinkled leaves, vegetables frequency, life, orange climbing, stretch leaf, licorice land, common purslane, sassafras, industry … and very much value forest leaves Highlands without many people know the name.
Mixing Packaging Hearing

Sliced ​​Bacon

Fried shrimp

Green pepper, white pepper and salt

Leaf salad sauce is a traditional secret

As with the other rolls, also called “human” to book and sauces – the soul making stronger taste of the dish. “Human” is boiled bacon, boiled shrimp, pork …
To make this dish, the chef must master techniques such that cooked meat boiled soft, sliced ​​thin slices of meat and fat enough to eat not tired. Cloves fresh contract the top wire size, au boiled red. Which is abundant, with the addition of fresh fish plate. In particular, the sauce is sauce made meticulously own formula.

Cooked glutinous rice fermented, aromatic flavor when incubated with dried shrimp, bacon and minced mixture. North pan of hot oil, aromatic astronauts then mix into the pan, add fresh, satay, spices and stir hand, olive Riu fire until thick. In Kon Tum, chefs skillfully without tasting but simply “listening” is known sauce fragrance reached or not.
She bartender introduce raw, assorted salad leaves leaf forest and eating diners

So-called party is ready, just out invitations. Babysitting color display only things found attractive platter. Between tray vegetables and greens are non whopping loss of discs of meat, fish, shrimp, packages … do’s book. Immature green, burgundy silky green vegetables, red and white meat, red shrimp au of yellow of sauce …
Indispensable plate and salt, white pepper. With first-time diners relish salad leaves, enthusiastic owner instructions packed so in style: first take a leaf or leaf vegetables as leaf rolling sized apricots, add some herbs, leaves sour depending border taste of food, book a small funnel, drop a few slices of meat, shrimp, pork … in the “hopper”, chan little sauce on top, add some pepper and salt.

Handy man, the “work” on neat, even strangers, beautiful book that looks not okay. For leaf in mouth, chilies bite, chew slowly to feel charming, sweet aroma of shrimp, the pepper pungent, chili, sour taste of the sauce gently mixed with refreshing taste of the kind vegetables, leaves … Taste modern as steeped in thousands tidbit.
Type the name leaves introduced a “fleshy”: Red to your side

Salad leaves particularly attractive because each book diners to use several different kinds of leaves, for different tastes: sour sour mango shoots, leaves toad, talismans; Bui Bui leaves apricots; chan tart guava leaves, fig leaf; aromatic fragrant leaf brooch … It also called salad leaf dish remedies because there are many green vegetables are good medicine.
For example, sour fig leaf, leaf surface granular cancer. Leaves nail shrine sweat treat theft, headache, backache and khop.Ngai diseases sweetness effect at the cold, abdominal pain, aches. Leaf green and red apricot aid digestion, colic treatment. Leaf life hemostasis, cough. Beam which helps sedative, sleep …
The rustic, rustic but delicious salad leaf strange Kon Tum not only conquer diners near and that recently, along with the famous Vietnamese specialties like Cha Ca La Vong, high floor Hoi An noodle America Tho, Chau Doc fish noodle, it was the Asian record Organization honored “These special dishes worth Asian cuisine”.

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