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Kon Tum is located on the North of the highland. The North borders Quang Nam Province, the South is Gia Lai, the East is Quang Ngai Province, the West is 150km long as a border to Laos and 127km long as a border to Cambodia. Kon Tum’s surface is around 9,614.5 km2.

A big part of Kon Tum is on the East of Truong Son Mountain range and inclined from East to West and down from North to South. This area is a source of many big rivers such as Cai River that goes to Quang Nam, SeSan River goes to Cambodia, Ba river goes to Phu Yen.

Kon Tum Province included 9 Districts with 96 Towns, Wards and Communes. The 9 Districts are Kon Tum City, Dak Glei, Dak Ha , Dakto , Kon Plong, Kon Ray, Ngoc Hoi, Sa Thay and Tu Mo Rong. Those names were from Ethnic’s language. Due to Bahnar’s language, Kon means a village and Tum means a lake. Kon Tum means Lake Village as this area was to have a big lake.

Kon Tum is around 600km to the North from Saigon, 215 km to the West from Quy Nhon. It has a lowest residential population among the 63 Provinces in the whole country. The main tribes are Kinh, Sedang, Bahnar, Gie Trieng, Gia Rai...

Bahnar people were native people in Kon Tum. They were good hunter and were the first hill tribe who used buffalo for working in the field and learning the words.

Kon Tum is a developing province. About 50% Kinh people came and living there that changed their society. Not much difference between Kinh and other hill tribe people in Kon Tum nowadays. It is not easy to find a real traditional village but the houses with tiles and bricks… But somewhere far in the urban area, still have many other people who life attached with nature, poor and unlettered.

Introdocing Kontum Vietnam

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